The reason for this post today is over the next few weeks I will be featuring some abdominal training exercises they will be a mixture of pilates moves and regular strength training routines and low back exercises.

We all need a strong core, we will run better, stand taller, protect our lower back.

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I just love avocados so when I came across some information about them I had to share it with you all. They are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants found in the retina that keep your eyes healthy. They contain Oleic Acid which is a healthy fat that many believe can be used to lower bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol. A study from The Ohio State University found that people absorbed four and a half times more the cancer fighter lycopene from tomatoes when they added avocados because the healthy fats found in this powerhouse helps you absorb more nutrients. It contains potassium which protects your heart and arteries, folate, as well as vitamins C and E. I add avocados to soup, put it on top of toast, add it to my salads etc.

Here is a trail mix I like to make for myself. 1/4c dried cranberries 1/4c slivered almonds 1/4c peanuts 4 dates and 4 apricots, chopped 5 whole walnuts, chopped Not too fancy but delicious.


At the gym I have noticed a number of people doing the following.
They jump off the treadmill, or they leave the class before the cooldown.

Cooling down after exercising is just as important as the warm up.
This vital part of your exercise program promotes recovery as well as preventing injuries and helps to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness.

Always replace the fluids lost after a workout.

Stretch your hard working muscles, hold each stretch for 30 seconds, please, please do not bounce.

Have a post workout snack, for example, some chocolate milk or a fruit smoothie.

Have a great evening.


Wanted to share a morning drink with you guys. It’s loaded with vitamin C and it is a great start to your day. 1 pink grapefruit 1 orange 1/2 lemon 1/2 lime Juice the above and drink. Very easy and delicious. I like my fresh juices a little tart, so if it’s too tart for you add a little honey or agave nectar.


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How often do you think about your lungs? We often take it for granted that we can inhale and exhale without difficulty. We breathe without thinking about it. We exercise hard, thus increasing our breathing, without noticing how hard this organ is working . Our lungs keep our cells supplied with oxygen and getting rid of carbon dioxide. The reason I am writing about this topic today is because I received an email tip from Dr Andrew Weil M.D. (he is fantastic) today entitled: 9 Supplements for Healthy Lungs, and it really got me thinking about this vital organ and how much we take it for granted. Appreciate,celebrate and thank your body, your organs and your entire being for all it does for you.


Here is the link to the article: http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/TIP03383/9-Supplements-for-Healthy-Lungs.html.


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As a runner I am conscious and aware of my diet, meaning, the variety of foods I am consuming. I always want to give my body the best nutrients possible because the food choices we make can either make us better runners/athletes or break us. We want to eat in a way to improve our sports performance, repair our muscles and over all health. Always striving to be the best we can. The popular saying ” You are what you eat” is so very true. Below are a few good eats for runners.


This is a whole grain, low glycemic, slow to digest carbohydrate. This is beneficial for athletes because it supplies us with sustained energy. Best choices are plain or steel-cut oats. Somedays I like my oatmeal plain but most days I like a little variety. I will add cinnamon and nutmeg with fresh strawberries or blueberries. Or either almonds or walnuts with some dried fruit.


These not only supplies us with protein and fiber but they are also high in vitamin E, which is a beneficial antioxidant. Studies have shown that eating nuts several times a week lowers cholesterol levels thus decreasing our risk for hear disease.


Vitamin C helps heal our muscles, reducing soreness, but it also helps us absorb more iron thus helping us fight fatigue and low energy.


These beans contain protein, folate, fiber, vitamin K (beneficial for bone health)and vitamin C, as well as potassium and magnesium. Studies have shown in just 1cup there is 20% of the daily requirements for iron.


Eggs supplies us with protein, which is needed to build and repair our muscles. But they also contain vitamin K as well as choline which is beneficial for our brains as well as leutin which we need to maintain eye health.

Sweet potatoes

Not only are they high in beta carotene, but they also contain vitamin C, potassium and magnesium, which we lose when we sweat, as well as manganese and copper, which is needed for our muscles to function.

Salmon and other oily fish

Great sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, which delivers much needed oxygen to our muscles, therefore, increasing our aerobic capacity, improving our endurance as well as burning body fat. Omega 3’s also fights inflammation in our bodies, which is beneficial for our joints. * A note on omega 3’s, you can obtain this from walnuts and dark leafy vegetables like kale and spinach.


This is a great source of protein and calcium but it also supports our digestive tract.


This grain is a complex carbohydrate, which our body uses to fuel our hard working muscles but it is also loaded with iron, zinc, B vitamins and fiber. This is just a short list of foods that are beneficial for runners. Hope this helps some. Before I go, remember to replenish fluids lost. Hydrate, hydrate. Studies for longer sessions (1 or more hours) sports drinks are recommended. Nurture and fuel your bodies. Treat your body right and you will reap the rewards.


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How often do you think about your feet? Not often right, unless it begins to hurt. I came across an article in the NY Times which covers this topic.
Here is the link: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/14/sports/playmagazine/0914play-PHYSED.html?pagewanted=1

Included in the article is a link to the foot and ankle institute, which covers stretches that should be included daily in your routine. You have to be committed to performing on a regular basis.

Another reason/ incentive to keep running IT IS AN EYE OPENER.
What do I mean? Running could reduce your risk of macular degeneration, which is a leading cause of vision loss, accordiing to the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Study. Logging 5 or more miles daily could decrease your chances of vision loss by 54%. The reason for this is running appears to lower levels of an inflammatory protein that may lead to the disease. Walking daily for 30 minutes or more yields similar benefits.

Just remember if you are going to outside wear sunscreen and UV protective shades.


The plank strengthens our abdominals, our back as well as our shoulders. The basic plank along with all the different variations of it is great to add to your core strengthening routine. Just remember to keep your abdominals contracted through out and breath. Please, do not hold your breath.

Here are a few of the variations I use in my routine:

Reverse plank leg pullupReverse plank with Leg Pull Up. (this is a classic Pilates exercise).
It’s imperative to keep your wrists under shoulders, and the hips should be lifted as high as possible and should remain steady.

Inhale and kick left leg towards the ceiling twice. Exhale lower the leg and repeat on the other side. Do 6 reps on each leg.

Bird Dog PlankThe Bird Dog Plank.
Start in the plank position, feet hip width apart. Your head and spine should be in a straight line, while you raise your right arm out in front of you, and your left leg a few inches off the floor. Hold for 3-5 seconds, keeping body level and stable. Repeat on the opposite side. 8 reps each side.

There are many different ways to perform the side plank, but my absolute favorite is a variation to the Star side plank, ( also known as same arm and leg raised side plank).

Balancing Star Plank2Balancing Star Plank 

Get into the side plank position. So if you start on your left side, your right arm should be extended to the ceiling, now here is the twist, instead of raising your right leg, you will keep the right leg firmly planted on the floor and swing your left leg forward. Hold for 3 seconds and repeat on the other side. 3 reps each side.

Enjoy these variations and let me know what you think.
As always if you have any questions, feel free to email me.



As an instructor and a runner, I have benefited greatly from this method. Pilates has made my spine and core more flexible, I recover a lot faster from long runs as well as from injuries. I am able to use the first of the nine Pilates principles, which is breathing to run longer.

Pilates improves your posture by developing a strong core, it improves pelvic stability, it strengthens the muscles of the hips, as well as the shoulder girdle. This translates into better balance and stability along with better running technique therefore less chance of injury.

Here are a few Pilates exercises that will benefit runners:

On the Mat exercises

Side leg lifts
Single leg circles
Seated Spine Twist
Rolling like a ball
The abdominal series

Exercise on the Reformer

Single leg footwork
Feet in straps
Side splits

Pilates does not disappoint. If you are interested in learning more and discovering how Pilates can help you be a more efficient runner, feel free to email me at jodie@rippedbodies.biz.

Have a great day.