marathon-57-1024x682A few random tips for everyday: The weather is getting cooler, a lot cooler so here is trick to keep your cold feet warm:

Sprinkle a small amount of ground cayenne pepper in your socks and shoes. To keep your gym bag, or running shoes smelling fresh, try a Fresh Wave Pearl Pack.  Each jar contains 5 packs, containing odor neutralizing beads. Better yet 1 pack will last for 25 days.

Here is the link to their website: http://www.fresh-wave.com/index.html

Stressed out???  Try some Green tea, not only does it contain antioxidants but it also contains L-theanine, which is an amino acid that is found to help fight stress.

Ways to avoid gym germs: Wash your hands before and after you workout. Wipe down everything, including the gym mats (if you forgot to bring your own) before and after use. Please, please cover up any cuts on your skin. Wear flip flops in the shower as well as in changing rooms.

Trying to save money at the supermarket: ask for a rain check.  If an on-sale item is sold out, ask the store manager for a slip of paper that will let you purchase the item at the discounted price once it’s back in stock.  Don’t eat anything containing high fructose corn syrup.  Eat as close nature as you can.  If your great- great grandmother would not recognize it, don’t eat it.

If your eyes are a little puffy, drinking 2-3 glasses of cranberry juice ( concentrated cranberry, not the sugary supermarket stuff) will help prevent this. Why?  It acts as a diuretic. It is also very good in preventing UTI’s.  Pencil your workouts in your diary like you would a doctor’s appointment.   Yes, workouts are that important and you are worth it.  Don’t wait until tomorrow, or Monday to start. Start today, start now. Have a plan before entering the gym. Write out your routine, tear exercise routines out of your favorite fitness magazine and take it to the gym.  Don’t wait, just do it.  Treat yourself to a massage. Your body will thank you.

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