March is National Nutrition Month.  Include a variety of Fruits and Vegetables in your diet.  Eat the rainbow, green,red, yellow,purple, orange, blue,white, tan and brown.   Include smoothies and fresh vegetable juices in your diet. Choose organic local produce when you can.  Shop seasonally, doing this will ensure you are getting the highest quality and freshest flavor.


Try this recipe Raw Kale Salad with Root Vegetables.


Choose water as your beverage of choice , nix those sodas. You can learn more here.


And of course along with good nutrition, include some exercise.  If you only have ten minutes try this Routine.


Have a good day.


CLIENT_PICS_042The Short Spine Massage

This is a more advanced exercise which is performed on the Reformer in this video. The purpose of this is to strengthen the abdominals, hamstrings, gluteus maximus, it increases the spinal flexibility, as well as hamstring flexibility and improves spinal alignment. This  exercise should be taught by a certified instructor.

As always consult your doctor before embarking on an exercise program.  

Something Extra: Breakfasts that Fight Fat Spring 2011 Running Shoe Guide

Have a great weekend.


I am often asked by many “first time” Pilates enthusiasts, ” What should I wear to class?”   My response: Comfortable clothing you can move in. There are many exercise clothing companies  but the one I will be featuring is Abi and Joseph.


Here are some pieces I would like own and I would recommend to others.

 DELUX-WRAP slim-fit-pilates-pant v-neck-tee1
Delux Wrap in Viscose Elastane Slim Fit Pilates/Yoga Pant Loose Fit Vee Neck Tee


These items are so versatile you can wear them to class and run errands in them as well.  Which items would you choose?



(EMAILWIRE.COM, February 16, 2011 )  Houston, TX – Jodie Pilates announces a new public service to help promote good health. In order to address the common concern of choosing the right products and groceries to complement losing weight and a healthy lifestyle, Jodie Pilates has announced a grocery store shopping tour that will visit several grocery stores in the Houston Metro Area. A Jodie Pilates representative will spend time leading the tour and teaching the tricks of the trade to up to 8 people at each tour stop.

jodie-portrait-smallJodie Fontenot, Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutritionist and owner of Jodie Pilates has the goal of helping the community “stay fit, lose weight, and feel great.” She teaches Pilates and offers personal training at a studio in northwest Houston. The first stop is at HEB Vintage Park in Houston TX.


For information, please visit the Jodie Pilates Facebook page at


Sure we all like manicures to make our hands look pretty as well as scented hand lotions to keep our hands moist and looking young. Don’t you just love it when the manicurist gives you hand massage?  We use our hands to do so many things. Our hands are very important, but have you thought about keeping your hands in shape?


Here are a few exercises that I include to keep my hands in shape.

1. While sitting rest your hands on a table.  Grip a small soft ball and squeeze it using all your fingers.  Hold the each squeeze for a count of 3-5 and release. Repeat a few times and then switch hands.

2. Place one hand on a table, palms down and fingers spread wide. Keeping fingers open, “glue” the first and second fingers together, then the third and fourth fingers. The goal is to have a gap or space in the middle. Return to the start and repeat a 5 times.  Before switching to the other hand, try and “glue” the second and third fingers together, while keeping some space between the first and fourth fingers. Repeat 5 times and switch hands.

3. Rest your forearms on a table, palms down. Try lifting each finger and thumb off (one at a time) the table, while keeping the other fingers down.

4. Hold a sheet of paper between two fingers, keeping them straight. With the opposite hand try pulling the paper out, but using the strength of your fingers resist the action. Repeat by placing the paper between all the fingers and then switch.

5.  Touch your thumb to each finger tip. Repeat 10 times and switch. This hand routine will help to keep the muscles in our hands strong and supple as well as improving our grip.   Take care of your hands. What are your favorite  hand exercises?


A Pilates routine to do : Kristi Yamaguchi and Pilates Stay warm.