If you are looking for Pilates in Houston, I can help. I teach Pilates classes aimed to get you in better shape and make your body feel a whole lot better. Are you trying to decide if Pilates is right for you? Well, let me help you. Let me explain just what you benefits you can gain from Pilates.


  1. Strengthen the Spine – One of the things Pilates will do is strengthen the spine. Doing certain Pilates routines will allow you to build up your spine, which in turn will help you have better posture and make you feel a whole lot better.
  2. Eliminate Back Problems – If you suffer from back problems, you should try Pilates. By using a Pilates routine, you will strengthen your core muscles and relieve the pain in your back. Pilates are great for people with lower back pain. If it doesn’t eliminate your back pain altogether, it can reduce it tremendously.
  3. Tone Up Key Areas – Pilates will also tone up your key areas like your tummy, hips and buttocks. So, if you are looking to tone these areas, Pilates maybe your best bet.
  4. Maximize Your Strength –  Not only will Pilates strengthen your spine, but it will also maximize your overall strength in your body. If your body is weak and you can barely get around, take a Pilates class and you will see a big change.
  5. Become Better in Sports – If you are an athletic and looking to become better at the sport you play, you should also try Pilates.



Pilates will help tone you, strengthen you, give you better balance and more. In turn, you will feel better and be able to perform better. So, if you are looking to improve any of the areas above, try Jodie Pilates in Houston. You will not be disappointed, and no doubt will improve yourself, your body and your mind! Call today to setup your free Jodie Pilates Houston consultation at 713-398-2370 or email us here.

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