I am talking about water. I preach the importance of water daily to my clients, friends and family. There are so many people that do not like water so they have to force themselves to drink or they don’t drink any at all and rely on drinking orange juice or sodas.

Interesting fact we are made up of 60 percent water,our blood is 92 percent water,our brain and muscles are 75 percent and our bones are 22 percent water.  Where are we can survive without food for several weeks we can only survive a week or less without water.

There are many benefits of drinking water.
1. It boosts energy,beacuse when we are dehydrated our energy drops.
2. It helps with weightloss.
3. it saves your kidneys by flushing out junk/toxins that could cause kidney stones.
4. Its great for your skin.
5.it relieves certain types of headaches
6. Keeps our system flowing smoothly, that is relieves constipation

These are just a few benefits of water, there are so many more.    If you are trying to thinki of ways to include more water in your daily life, try drinking a glass first thing in the morning. You can also make your own fruit infused water by adding berries, citrus etc to a jug of water and drink it through out the day.

Water really does your body good. If you are reading this post I hope you have some water nearby.

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