Being More Productive

To do lists , so much to do so little time. How to get it all done without feeling overwhelmed?  I don’t know about you but at one time I had sticky notes and to do  lists everywhere.  I have even  used napkins and envelopes to jot down my thoughts/ ideas. There has to be a better a way, an easier way.

I decided to buy a notebook, I gathered all my lists, wrote out  all my “to dos ”  down in the notebook and tackled them. However, I still felt overwhelmed. Then I heard about a technique called the Pomodoro Technique. 

Basically, you set a timer for 25 minutes  and tackle an item on your list, once the timer goes off you take a short break and repeat.  I get antsy or fidgety if I sit for too long, but by using the timer and knowing I have a short time to finish task, I am able to stay focused and and actually cross items off my list. I have to say that is a wonderful feeling.  Ahhh the feeling of accomplishment.

How do you get more done?

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