A Quick Cardio/Strength Routine and Smoothie Recipe

If you are short on time and need a quick cardio/strength routine this is a must try.

1/4 -1/2 mile run on the treadmill or outside

20 incline pushups off a park bench or a plyo box if you are in the gym

20 burpees

20 walkouts to knee tuck and pushup

20 jump lunges each side

Rest and Repeat as needed.

I do this routine when I need to get a workout in fast or need a good heart pumping push for the day.

* Always, always, get your doctors approval before starting an exercise program and always listen to your body.*


I know there are a lot of Green Smoothie Recipes out there, I am jumping on the band wagon and sharing one I make often and love love love.


green smoothie

green smoothie

1c almond milk

1/2c -3/4c plain greek yogurt ( protein powder can be used if you do not eat dairy)

1/2 banana

1c kale

1c spinach

1c sliced peaches

1 tbs almond butter

lots of ice

Blend and Enjoy!!

Do you make green smoothies? If so what are your favorite combinations? 

Have a great week and more Pilates coming up.