The Ground Up

The ability to kneel or sit on the floor and get back up is one of the best ways to preserve our mobility and predict our overall fitness and longevity.

This simple act may not seem like much but, when you stop and think about it, our ability to be able to control our bodies and the strength it takes to “pick ourselves up” off the floor is priceless.

This is particularly important as we get older. This simple act works every muscle in our bodies and it works our balance, core strength, upper body strength, leg strength, flexibility, coordination, mobility and stability.

I find this movement will also reveal any strength weaknesses we may have.

Along with tailored exercises to help address these weaknesses, the repeated act of moving from the ground up will help to restore the strength.

As babies we learned to crawl before we could walk and the ground helped with that, the ground as resistance.

If this is a challenge for you, start slow and work your way up. Use a sturdy object as support to help you get stronger.

Be well.

10 Day Ab Challenge Part 1

Here is an abs circuit to add to your routine for the next 10 days. Perform 1-3 sets. I will post Part 2 in the next few days on my You Tube channel, so you will have to subscribe to my channel so as not to miss it. Leave a comment and let me know if you tried it. Feel free to share.

As always consult your doctor before exercising.

A Quick Cardio/Strength Routine and Smoothie Recipe

If you are short on time and need a quick cardio/strength routine this is a must try.

1/4 -1/2 mile run on the treadmill or outside

20 incline pushups off a park bench or a plyo box if you are in the gym

20 burpees

20 walkouts to knee tuck and pushup

20 jump lunges each side

Rest and Repeat as needed.

I do this routine when I need to get a workout in fast or need a good heart pumping push for the day.

* Always, always, get your doctors approval before starting an exercise program and always listen to your body.*


I know there are a lot of Green Smoothie Recipes out there, I am jumping on the band wagon and sharing one I make often and love love love.


green smoothie

green smoothie

1c almond milk

1/2c -3/4c plain greek yogurt ( protein powder can be used if you do not eat dairy)

1/2 banana

1c kale

1c spinach

1c sliced peaches

1 tbs almond butter

lots of ice

Blend and Enjoy!!

Do you make green smoothies? If so what are your favorite combinations? 

Have a great week and more Pilates coming up.