A Quick Cardio/Strength Routine and Smoothie Recipe

If you are short on time and need a quick cardio/strength routine this is a must try.

1/4 -1/2 mile run on the treadmill or outside

20 incline pushups off a park bench or a plyo box if you are in the gym

20 burpees

20 walkouts to knee tuck and pushup

20 jump lunges each side

Rest and Repeat as needed.

I do this routine when I need to get a workout in fast or need a good heart pumping push for the day.

* Always, always, get your doctors approval before starting an exercise program and always listen to your body.*


I know there are a lot of Green Smoothie Recipes out there, I am jumping on the band wagon and sharing one I make often and love love love.


green smoothie

green smoothie

1c almond milk

1/2c -3/4c plain greek yogurt ( protein powder can be used if you do not eat dairy)

1/2 banana

1c kale

1c spinach

1c sliced peaches

1 tbs almond butter

lots of ice

Blend and Enjoy!!

Do you make green smoothies? If so what are your favorite combinations? 

Have a great week and more Pilates coming up.









Listen…To Your Body


I always tell my clients and myself to ‘listen to your body”.  Many times we wait until we are injured and either not able to workout or we have to scale our exercise sessions a lot.

When we are in our 20’s and  early 30’s we  are able to push our bodies to its limits and without our bodies giving us any “back talk” or push back. Basically our bodies did as it was told so to speak. But as you get older you realize you cannot workout the same way you did in earlier years, yes your body has a voice and its talking to you.   Sometimes it whispers to you with a little twinge or minor ache here and there, basically a warning that says “slow down, take it easy, I need a day off, be kind and gentle to me .” Sometimes we may listen and cut back but other times we are so focused on getting our workout in and wanting that intense sweat we “power/ push through it until an injury has derailed us and knocked us on your butt.


I am a firm believer in cross training and you can do this by incorporating  flexibility training in your weekly routines, for example Pilates is a fantastic method of exercise to add to your routine, it not only stretches you but it also strengthens you and more importantly it will keep your core strong and your spine flexible. As Joseph Pilates said ” You are only as young as your spine is flexible”.


Other ways to cross train is by adding cycling, swimming, dancing, hiking, hula hooping Barre exercises adding weight training if you are not already do this.


The other aspect of honoring and listening to our bodies is to feed it wholesome, nourishing food. Including lots of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats in our daily diets and always hydrate, drink your water.

Let us love, respect, nourish, mindfully care for and move our bodies so we are able to continue this journey of movement into our  80’s and 90’s.


Have you been listening?


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