Today I thought I would share with you my easy Hill Workout as well as 2 exercises I like and I think is a great strength builder.


Have fun!! Hill Workout
Time              Speed              Incline
0-5:00              5.8                   1.5 (warm-up)
5-6:00              6.2                   4.0
6-10                  6.5                   10
10-15                6.9                   12
15-20                6.2                   15
20-20:30         7.0                   15
20:30-25         6.5                   10
25-28               6.9                   12
28-35               6.5                   15
35-40               6.0                   12
40-45               5.0                   1.0 (cool down)  

The Moves: Goblet Squat Hold a dumbbell vertically next to your chest, with both hands cupping the dumbbell. Note: your elbows should be pointing down.  Abdominals engaged lower into a squat position; your elbows should brush the inside of your knees, pause then push back to the start. Here is a video link to the Goblet Squat

Staggered Push Ups (I love to hate these but they make feel good.) Start in a pushup position, on your toes, walk the left hand forward while keeping the right hand directly under the right shoulder, keeping elbows close to side of your body. Lower into a pushup, push back up and repeat for 4-8 reps before switching sides and taking the right arm forward. You can alternate sides or finish all reps on the same side and switch.

Note:  Squeeze your glutes and hold them in that position throughout the movement. This will keep your hips stable and inline with your upper body. Keep your abdominals engaged always.  Here is a video link to the Staggered Pushups

Important Note: Breathe!!!  Disclaimer:  Always consult a physician before engaging in an exercise routine. If you have favorite cardio routine please share.  As always let me know what you think. Have a great evening all.